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Jet Pump Technology Accelerates Frac Load Recovery

Using a TFC Jet Pump for frac load extraction greatly decreases operator’s time to true production over other types of artificial lift

Operator Saves $133,000 in First Year

TFC Jet Pump installation reduces annual workover cost of a deviated beam pumping Frio well while increasing oil production and profitability.

Non-Productive Well Restored

TFC Slimhole Jet Pump saves a Permian Basin well from P&A and creates profit for the operator, with 105 bpd.

Jet Pump System Ideal for Remote Site

TFC Jet Pump greatly increases oil and gas production from a Wilcox formation well, using less energy and eliminating the need for costly make up gas.

Artificial Lift Solution Increases Production

TFC Jet Pump replaces ESP in Woodbine formation well and substantially reduces workover cost while continually chemically treating wellbore.

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