Jet Pump System Ideal for Remote Site

TFC Jet Pump greatly increases oil and gas production from a Wilcox formation well, using less energy and eliminating the need for costly make up gas.


A Wilcox formation well drilled in 2005 being produced by gas lift was facing economic and operational issues. The field, being gas deprived, was dependent on costly make up gas to fuel compressors and lift fluid from wells. Also, with the lack of electricity on location, the operator was limited in the types of artificial lift they could use to test a possible production increase and permanently produce the well.


To increase hydrocarbon production utilizing similar hp, eliminate the need for make up gas, and deliver sellable gas to market, all while having a reliable artificial lift system run 24/7.


The client selected a TFC jet pump rental system with a 180 hp natural gas driven surface pump. Jet pumps are ideal in remote locations such as this, without electricity or infrastructure.

Tech-Flo’s permanent installation after production testing with a natural gas unit. 


  • Well production while on gas lift was 22 bbls oil, 333 bbls water and 66 mcfpd using 80 mechanical hp.
  • After the jet pump installation well production increased to 35 bbls of oil, 522 of water and 161 mcfpd, utilizing 70 mechanical hp.
  • Following successful testing, permanent equipment was ordered. The client continued to rent the test equipment from Tech-Flo while the permanent equipment was built, ensuring no loss of production.

The overall downhole and surface installation took less than two days, greatly minimizing well down time.