Non-Productive Well Restored

TFC Slimhole Jet Pump saves a Permian Basin well from P&A and creates profit for the operator, with 105 bpd.


A Stanton, Texas, area well previously produced by rod pump was facing operational and wellbore limitation issues. The well was completed with 5.5” casing to a depth of 7700’, due to parted casing 2.375 tubing with a PSN stuck in the wellbore at 7511’. Due to this situation the well was non-productive and scheduled for plug and abandonment.


To save the well from P&A while making it profitable without the luxury of being able to remove the 2.375 tubing from the wellbore.


A trip was made with 1.875 gauge ring to ensure that the tubing was clear to the PSN. After pulling out of the well with WLU the TFC 1.6 Slimhole Jet Pump was installed in the original rod pump seating nipple. The pump was conveyed on 1” integral joint tubing with a 1.875 seal assembly adapted to the base of the jet pump.

1” x 2.375” Slimhole Jet Pump Well Head RESULTS 


  • Well production was non existent due to the fact that the corkscrewed tubing could not be rod pumped for more the 3-4 days without catastrophic failure.
  • After the jet pump installation the well continuously produced 105 bpd with a 60% oil cut and 75 mcfpd of natural gas.
  • The flexibility of the TFC jet pump saved our client the expense of plugging and abandoning a profitable well and increased the subject well’s production along with the field unit.