Operator Saves $133,000 in First Year

TFC Jet Pump installation reduces annual workover cost of a deviated beam pumping Frio well while increasing oil production and profitability.


A Galveston, Texas, area Frio formation well being produced by rod pump was facing operational and wellbore limitation issues. The well was completed with 5.5” casing to a depth of 6800’. Due to severe deviation, the operator was faced with 140,000 of average annual pulling and equipment replacement cost.


To eliminate the need for workovers while increasing hydrocarbon production utilizing similar horse power.


A TFC jet pump system was installed at 80% of the cost of the existing beam pump and down hole equipment. The client had previously been using a rail car separator with a suction leg installed for the triplex surface pump’s suction, eliminating the need to purchase any further separation equipment.


  • Well production while on beam pump was 20 bbls of oil and 260 bbls of water, consuming 75 hp.
  • After the jet pump installation the well produced 28 bbls of oil, 400 bbls of water utilizing 70 mechanical hp.
  • In the first year of TFC jet pump operation, the client saved $133,000.00 in pulling and equipment replacement cost while increasing oil production by 8 bbls per day.

Tech-Flo utilized the client’s on-site production equipment to minimize the capital investment of the overall project to the client.